demonslayer125 whispered: Hi I am seeing these gifs from scenes with Uta and Yomo but I searched the episodes of the anime and I don't see them. Are there some special shorts or something I am missing? I even watched the whole ending credits in case it was something that was put at the end of the episode. I don't know if you can even tell what I'm talking about but you posted one of those gifs so I was wondering if you might have the answer. Also, why is Tsukiyama called trash? Kaneki never called him that. Was it Touka?

the scene with uta and yomo was at the end of episode 9—maybe the site you were using left it off?—but check here (23:40)

and er, as for tsukiyama, ‘trash’ is just a nickname the fandom came up for him because of his… eccentric ways and less than subtle obsession with kaneki